COAR NOTIFY Features in DSpace 8

From June 21st , 2024, DSpace 8 is available to the public with many major updates, one of which is the implementation of the COAR NOTIFY Protocol. Its implementation has been entrusted to 4Science.

The COAR NOTIFY Protocol in DSpace 8

The implementation of the COAR Notify Protocol in DSpace 8 is out-of-the-box and facilitates seamless, automated notifications for content exchange and updates between repositories and other platforms. This protocol is essential for enhancing interoperability in scholarly communication by providing a standardized way to notify systems about the status and actions related to digital objects. Key features in DSpace 8 include:

  • Automated Event Notifications: Supports real-time notifications for events like publication, updates, or content modifications.
  • Interoperability: Enables smooth interaction between DSpace and other systems (e.g., repositories, data platforms) through standardized notifications.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Improves the visibility and access of digital objects by ensuring that changes and new content are promptly communicated to interested parties.
  • Customizable Triggers: Allows administrators to set specific events that will trigger notifications, providing flexibility in managing repository content workflows.

For more detailed information about the COAR NOTIFY Protocol in DSpace 8: COAR Notify - DSpace 8.x Documentation - LYRASIS Wiki

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