DSpace Listed Service Providers

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These service providers have two categories for Companies and Individuals. The list is ordered alphabetically.

effective WEBWORK GmbH

Services Include: Consultancy, Analysis, Installation/Configuration, Customization, Data Migration, Integration, Hosting, Upgrades, Training

Name: Anne Christensen
Email: christensen@effective-webwork.de
Phone: +49 40 6094085794
Website: https://www.effective-webwork.de
Locations: Hamburg, Germany
Language Support:
German, English


Nason Bimbe

Services Include: Consultancy, Analysis, Installation/configuration, Customisation, Integration, Upgrades, Data Migration, Training, Support

Name: Nason Bimbe
Email: nasonbimbe@gmail.com
Phone: +44 7535 250339
Locations: United Kingdom, Sub Saharan Africa
Language Support:


Services Include: Add-on development, Analysis, Consultancy, Customization, Data conversion, Development, Installation/configuration, Integration, Training

Name: Cecilia Liu
Email: cecilia.liu@notionwave.com
Phone: +1 905 503 5352
Website: http://www.notionwave.com/
Locations: Canada, Middle East
Language Support:
English, Arabic, Persian

Prodigio Consultores Ltda

Services Include: Functional and graphic customization, Add-on development, Analysis, Consultancy, Data migration and conversion, Development, Hosting, Installation/configuration, Integration, Training, API-REST based interoperability, Improvement of cataloging form, Enhancement SOLR search engine, Implementation of new authentication capabilities based on OpenID Connect and Auth, Integration with other systems.

Name: Felipe Vera
Email: contacto@prodigioconsultores.com
(+56) 2-26965764 – (+56) 99-6195662
Website: http://prodigioconsultores.com/
Locations: Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean
Language Support:
Spanish, English

Selensoft Yazılım ve Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti.

Services Include: Installation and Configuration, Integration, Analysis, Consultancy, Customization, Data conversion, Data Migration, Development, Design, Hosting, Training

Name: Fatih Güneş
Email: fatih@selensoft.com
Phone: +905350277833
Website: https://www.unirepos.com
Locations: Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Africa
Language Support:
Turkish, English, Arabic