PCG Academia Contributions to DSpace and Future Contributions to DSpace 9.0

PCG continues to be a dedicated provider and contributor to DSpace both the software and community. Recently, PCG contributed to DSpace optimization issues. We provided documentation of the issues we had with the Jagiellonian University Repository and how our experience could benefit the whole community. In documentation, we described how to make DSpace faster by various server optimizations: changes in caching, Redis, and statistics. Thus, Dspace becomes the only software of this type capable of handling the use of the repository by many users for various purposes. We share slides and technical documentation, as well, we are dedicated to developing ideas around this issue. Read more.

Upcoming Contributions for DSpace 9.0

PCG has already provided a few major functions that are already ready to review on DSpace 9.0 release board.

First, the possibility to translate collection's/community's names and descriptions. This feature is important for repositories in a multilingual context. For non-English-centred repositories, it is crucial to have a complete translation in the native language, but also it is important to remain accessible for English speakers. This tool should provide an opportunity to add translation of any language that could be enabled within DSpace. On collection/community view,  we can add a language switch which toggles selected language inputs. This enables translation easily from an interface perspective. Nowa funkcjonalność znacząco uprości obsługę systemu użytkownikom w kontekście tłumaczeń, co mocno wpłynie na umiędzynarodowienie poszczególnych repozytoriów.

Secondly, creation of a new item out of an existing item instead of creating it from scratch, making the process quicker. The copied details of the new item can be freely edited, and the item can be saved in any collection. The copied item is not a new version of an existing item, but a new, independent one. That feature could be used especially during adding a bunch of similar items. It can cut down the time needed to enter the data compared to starting with new blank forms for each item. The new functionality highlights the advantages of the DSpace system regarding its flexibility and ease of adapting to the needs of individual institutions. Take a look at each function at these links:



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