Platinum DSpace Partners

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These are organizations that have demonstrated expertise and a significant community effort to support DuraSpace open technologies through community leadership, in-kind contributions, and financial support. Partners contribute a minimum of 250 hours of in-kind community contribution annually as well as a percentage of gross annual revenue.

4Science logo

Science is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, the team has the longest experience as DSpace supplier since 2003 and over 100 institutions served in Europe, Asia, America, Africa.

4Science is a major contributor to DSpace, also serving in the Committer group and co-leading the DSpace 7 development. 4Science gives important contributions such as the integration of CKAN, Grobid, ResourceSync, and collaborates with the community in all areas of codebase, leading releases and providing support.

With DSpace-CRIS and DSpace-GLAM, 4Science proposes solutions for RIMS, RDM and the cultural heritage, and a crowdfunded model for add-on modules such as the IIIF Image Viewer and the Video/Audio Streaming.

Services Include: SaaS and Customized Solutions, Cloud Hosting or On-Premises Support, Consultancy and Training, Analysis and Customization, Installation and Configuration, Data Conversion and Migration, Software Development and Integration.


Name: Susanna Mornati
Phone: +39/3666300998
Locations: ItalyLanguage Support: English, Italian, Spanish

Atmire logo

Atmire’s mission is to simplify online Open Access to scientific outcomes and publications for its customers.

The company has worked with its clients on +150 repositories in over 30 countries, including the World Bank’s Open Knowledge Repository and WHO IRIS.

Atmire is the most active contributor to DSpace and leads the DSpace 7 Angular UI efforts. Atmire’s contributions to DSpace include the Mirage responsive themes, Discovery faceted search, SOLR Statistics and the ORCID integration. Due to their participation in these efforts, as well as their individual contributions, 6 members of the Atmire team were acknowledged as DSpace Committers during their time at the company.

Services Include: DSpace Express, the most affordable full service repository (SaaS); Open Repository, the advanced repository platform (SaaS); Custom DSpace, a repository tailored to all your needs including add-on modules, supported on in-house hosting as well as managed by Atmire in the cloud.

Name: Bram Luyten
Phone: 32/28882956
Locations: Belgium, United States
Language Support: English, French, Dutch

The Library Code logo

The Library Code follows a strong Open Source policy to support its customers and the community in the most sustainable way possible. This enables institutions to develop their repository while offering new features to the community in future versions of DSpace.

The Library Code engages heavily in community building, annually organizing Europe’s largest DSpace event, the DSpace Anwendertreffen. The team behind the Library Code contributed features to DSpace like the automatic assignment of DOIs using DataCite, Linked Data support for DSpace as well as many other improvements. Besides providing general bug fixes, The Library Code also discovered and solved several security related bugs within the last few years.

The Library Code provides all kinds of services an institution needs to develop and run repositories based on DSpace. The team offers professional consulting, efficient operation of DSpace, continuous maintenance and development according to individual needs.

Services Include: Add-on development, Analysis, Consultancy, Customization, Design, Development, Hosting, Installation/configuration, Integration, Training

Name: Pascal Becker
Phone: +49 30 51 30 48 35
Locations: Germany
Language Support: English, German


DSquare Technologies logo

DSquare Technologies India services include DSpace customization, implementation, migration, maintenance, training, and hosting. We also offer add-ons for real time analytics & reporting, payment solutions, integration, content viewers (PDF/Video/Audio), and mobile first user interface. We deploy solutions at an enterprise scale (25 million plus pages on open internet) in Education, Judiciary, Archives, Research, Corporate verticals.

Services Include: Add-on development, Analysis, Consultancy, Customization, Design, Development, Hosting, Installation/configuration, Integration, Training

Name: Sales Team
Phone: +91 – 9717396363
Locations: India
Language Support: English, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, French, Spanish and Portuguese