The University of Galway migrates from an in-house DSpace to Open Repository

The University of Galway, a prestigious institution in Ireland known for its excellence in education and research, selected Atmire as its partner for a major repository migration project. This collaboration involved transitioning the university's existing repository to the advanced Open Repository platform.


In 2022, NUI Galway rebranded to become the University of Galway. The repository has been updated to reflect this rebranding, which took effect in February 2024.

DSpace migration

The project involved migrating from the University of Galway's in-house DSpace 5.10 system to an Open Repository on DSpace 7.6. This process included transferring all content, existing SOLR statistics, and previous configuration settings.

The outcome is a new and state-of-the-art Open Repository that preserves all existing statistics while hosting over 15,000 open-access items. This extensive collection features diverse content, including publications, peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, working papers, reports, and other scholarly communications from University of Galway researchers.

Enhanced statistics

One of the University of Galway's key requirements for the repository project was the implementation of comprehensive statistical reporting for both end-users and the library team.

For end-users, the platform provides detailed statistics that offer insights into the popularity and impact of specific items. These public statistics include:

  • Top Items: Users can see how often an item has been viewed and downloaded, giving them an idea of its reach and interest level within the academic community.
  • Top Authors: This feature highlights influential contributors and helps users identify key researchers
  • Top Subjects: A breakdown of the repository's most popular and frequently accessed subjects. This helps users to understand trending topics.
  • Top Countries: A map displaying the locations from which the item has been accessed, highlighting its global influence.

The repository offers an even more robust set of analytical tools for the library team.

Below are snapshots of some public statistics available through the repository platform:

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

A crucial project element was setting up and configuring the integration with DataCite for DOI minting. Upon submission of a new item in the repository, it automatically receives a DOI. Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) ensure that research outputs and resources are discoverable and citable for the long term. They provide persistent links that maintain content accessibility even if URLs change, thereby enhancing discoverability and credibility—an essential consideration for the University of Galway.

An interesting fact: The submission of DOI metadata complies with DataCite Metadata Schema v4.

The development and launch of the new University of Galway Research Repository has been incredibly rewarding. The Research Repository, powered by Open Repository from Atmire, signifies our strong and continued commitment to Open Research. By leveraging the Open Repository model, we benefit from a secure, scalable, and robust infrastructure maintained by experts, allowing us to focus on our core mission of advancing Open and Digital Research. The Open Repository model offers economies of scale, reducing infrastructure costs while ensuring high performance and reliability. Atmire’s adherence to best practices and commitment to customer satisfaction have been evident throughout the project, providing tailored support and expertise. This platform allows researchers to share their work openly and broadly, supporting various media types and branded spaces for research outputs. The repository enhances the visibility and impact of our research and ensures long-term preservation and accessibility. It marks a significant step forward in fostering a more open and collaborative research environment at our university.

Dr. Cillian Joy Head of Open and Digital Research at the University of Galway

Improved search

The repository project incorporates a feature that enhances the search experience by suggesting content based on metadata. As users type a search query, the platform offers word suggestions that start with the input, along with relevant items and collections. This functionality aids users in locating their desired content more efficiently and swiftly.

Edugate single sign-on (SSO) integration

During onboarding, we integrated the University of Galway's institutional single sign-on system, Edugate. Edugate, HEAnet's federated SSO service, handles approximately 40 million authentications annually. This integration allows Galway’s staff and students to seamlessly access the repository using their central institutional login credentials.


The University of Galway's Open Repository represents a significant advancement in the institution's digital infrastructure, offering an enhanced platform for showcasing its extensive research and teaching materials. This state-of-the-art repository serves as a comprehensive archive of the university's academic output and empowers the university by placing it in control of its digital assets.

The Open Repository provides a user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities, making it easier for researchers, students, and the public to access a wide array of content.

Discover the repository here: