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If you have a question about DSpace’s features, usage, or a technical issue: please ask for it on (using the #dspace tag). See the Support page on the DSpace Wiki for details of other support options available. Please be aware that DSpace software is supported by its worldwide community, and you’ll get a quicker answer by utilizing the community mailing lists and resources.

If you are reporting a possible security vulnerability in DSpace: please email This sends a private email to the DSpace Committers team. You are also welcome to privately email any member of the DSpace Committers team.

If you are asking for access to a specific file on a specific website or repository: please contact that institution directly. All DSpace based websites include a “Contact Us” link in the website’s footer which may be used to contact administrators at that institution. We are unable to contact these institutions on your behalf.

If you have an inquiry about this website (edits): email