Steering Group

The DSpace Steering Group is the primary decision-making body of the DSpace Program. It sets the strategic direction of the program, with advice and consent of the Leadership Group. It provides on-going program oversight and ensures that the priorities of the Leadership Group and members are met.

Steering Group members are elected and empowered by the Leadership. Their responsibilities include:

  • Operational oversight, including time-sensitive decision-making
  • Development of strategic priorities, for approval by Leadership
  • Recommendations for budget allocations, for approval by Leadership
  • Assistance with fundraising
  • Commissioning of and liaising with working groups
  • Agenda-setting for quarterly Leadership Meetings

Composition of the Steering Group

  • The Steering Group is composed of 10 voting members (9 elected members, plus a permanent LYRASIS seat).
  • Elected Steering Group members serve for three-year, renewable terms.
  • Steering Group members are elected by the Leadership, but can be from outside of the Leadership Group. If a Steering Group member is not also on the Leadership Group, they may still attend Leadership meetings in a non-voting capacity.


  • The Steering Group meets monthly.
  • Steering Group meeting notes are shared with Leadership Group members but not made publicly available. (Meeting notes here: DSpace Steering Home)
  • The Steering Group communicates decisions within 2 days of a meeting to the Leadership Group to ensure transparent communication. Any Leader or Steerer can call an emergency meeting of the Leadership Group on these decisions.

Current members of the Steering Committee are listed in the chart below and on the wiki.




CEO, Founder

The Library Code

Corey Davis

University of Victoria Libraries




Neki IT

Associate Dean

University of Kansas

Head E-Publishing, ETH Library

ETH Zurich

 Information Systems Manager

National Library of Finland

Tim McGeary

AUL for Digital Strategies and Technology

Duke University Libraries

Open Research Systems Manager

University of Cambridge

Executive and Technical Secretary

LA Referencia

Head, University Archives & Co-Director, University Digital Conservancy

University of Minnesota

COO, CCO, Business Strategist, Business Technologist


Scholarly Communication Librarian

Indiana University Purdue Universtiy Indiana

Susan Parham

Digital Curation Librarian

Georgia Institute of Technology 

Executive Director

Texas Digital Library

Head Library Information Technology

Hamburg University of Technology / DSpace-DE Consortium

Bronwen Sprout

University of British Columbia Library

Open Scholarship Services Librarian

Cornell University

The University of Edinburgh

Scholarly Sharing Strategist

The Ohio State University Libraries