Promoting DSpace

The DSpace community encourages promotion and shareable resources for continued growth and sustainability for DSpace.

Are you a new user of DSpace? Tell us why you chose DSpace so we can share your testimonial with others.

Presentations on DSpace

  • Use a Zoom background for your virtual DSpace presentation
  • Use DSpace decals (DSpace logo, fan, implementer)
  • Be sure to let us know and we will tweet about your presentation
  • Share copies of your presentation by emailing us a pdf or link

General Presentations

DSpace Videos: Share OR Contribute

Share: Anyone can create and share a video about DSpace. We’ll be happy to add it to our DSpace Video youtube channel and to promote the videos on twitter. Video will be shared AS IS and unaltered. Share your video with us.

Contribute: if you want your video to be an official DSpace Video, have it on both the DSpace WIKI and the website, and officially recognized as a contribution to the community, then you’ll need to follow a set of guidelines:

  • Use a template provided by DSpace for 1st and last slide/opening and closing video shot.
  • “DSpace Community Video contributed by…(name/logo of the contributor + contact info)”
  • Use only the DSpace logo. No other logos.
  • Avoid advertising of services provided or company represented
  • The raw file (mp4) should be made available and submitted to the community
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • It must be possible to reuse the video by anyone; translate the audio file and replace templates
  • Contact us to work on a video or to submit your video