From Tim Donohue, Technical Lead for DSpace and DSpaceDirect

Last week, we wrapped up our third virtual community sprint on DSpace 7 (Oct 1-12). Congratulations to all our sprint participants, and thank you to all the participating institutions including:

Universities (alphabetically):

Hamburg University of Technology (Germany), TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany), TU-Dresden (Germany), University of Konstanz (Germany), University of Minnesota (USA), and Willamette University (USA)

Service Providers (alphabetically):

4Science (Italy), Almat (Mexico), Atmire (Belgium), and The Library Code (Germany)

Thanks also to our Sprint Coaches, Andrea Bollini (4Science) and Art Lowell (Atmire). They not only help lead/plan the development of the DSpace 7 REST API and Angular UI, but also act as coaches/teachers during each of our community sprints.

Here are a few interesting facts about this Sprint. This sprint saw the largest number of institutions participating (11 total, counting DuraSpace). We had six community developers who returned after participating in a previous sprint. It’s wonderful to see each of them return and continue to learn and contribute to DSpace 7! Germany, as a country, outnumbered all others with five total participants (from 5 different institutions)! I’m glad to see the enthusiasm for DSpace 7 carried over from the German DSpace User Group meeting (DSpace Anwendertreffen 2018) in September.

Summary of Sprint Activities

During the two-week sprint, seven Pull Requests (PRs) were developed, approved & merged into DSpace 7, with another seven PRs still in-progress. On the Angular UI side, we saw new translations of the existing UI (Czech, Dutch and German) along with bug fixes, enhancements and an early mockup of administrative menus. On the REST API side, we saw the creation of new endpoints (for creating communities and groups), enhanced Submission functionality, OpenSearch support and numerous bug fixes.

Additional information about this Sprint, including the full list of participants and PRs can be found at:

The dates for our next sprint are still being determined. However, even between sprints, we welcome anyone to join the DSpace 7 development effort. We hold a weekly, Thursday meeting and have active Slack channels for DSpace 7 UI (#angular-ui) and DSpace 7 REST API (#rest-api) discussions. We also maintain a list of “easy” tickets which new developers can claim to learn about DSpace 7 and/or the contribution process. More information can be found at:

Thanks again to all those who’ve contributed to DSpace 7 (in sprints or between sprints). Your support helps make DSpace 7 even better!