From Tim Donohue, DSpace Tech Lead

I’m proud to announce our first DSpace (Virtual) Development Sprint on the DSpace 7 codebase from May 7 to 18.
We are in search of developers interested in joining us for a two week sprint (you need not be available for the entire two weeks).  Sprint developers/participants will help us make enhancements / squash bugs in the DSpace 7 browse/search interfaces. Tasks will be available for both the DSpace 7 UI (using and REST API (using Java / Spring technologies). See the Sprint Goals for more details.
No experience with DSpace 7 codebase is necessary (though experience with prior DSpace releases is recommended). Sprint Coaches will be on hand to help provide ongoing support. However, as no official training/workshops will be held during the sprint, participants will be expected to be proactive in learning new concepts via the provided learning resources (including a video recorded Angular UI workshop). Don’t worry though, we fully expect participants to have questions and need ongoing support, which is where the Sprint Coaches come in.
Whether you have contributed to DSpace in the past or not, this is great opportunity to learn more about the DSpace 7 Angular UI and/or new REST API.  If you’ve never participated in the open source development process, this is a great way to “get your feet wet”, and perhaps submit your very first Pull Request (PR) to DSpace!
Signups are open immediately on the below wiki page. Feel free to pass this along to colleagues!
If you want more information about the specific goals/tasks of this first sprint, they can be found on the Sprint #1 subpage:
We hope you are able to join us in our first (of hopefully many) DSpace Development Sprint!  As we like to say, DSpace would not exist without the hard work and support of our worldwide community. We hope these sprints will not only help move the software forward, but also allow developers worldwide to learn more about collaboration in distributed, open source communities.
If you or your team have questions, feel free to get in touch, either via email or Slack.