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You are inviting to join us for Adopting DSpace 7 and 8: challenges and solutions from real migration experiences on November 8 at 11AM EST.

This webinar provides a detailed analysis of the challenges, gaps, and problems that institutions face in moving to the DSpace 7 platform from previous DSpace versions or from different and various platforms such as EPrints, Invenio, etc., and the implementation solutions already successfully rolled out in such instances. Through the use of live examples, the presentation aims to illustrate the complexities and nuances of migrating repositories to DSpace 7.

4Science has developed standard procedures that identify pitfalls, decision points and related best practices that will be shared with the audience to help define a better and more informed planning of this often-critical phase. The transition and evolution to DSpace 7 represents a great opportunity to rethink the repository structure and provide new services to users. Even for institutions coming from previous DSpace versions, this evolution is much more than an upgrade; it is essentially a transition to a new paradigm, with all the critical issues – but also the benefits – that it entails. From this point of view, the challenges and opportunities go beyond the technical ones, which, however, in their own terms pose complexities
that will be discussed.

By sharing the experience gained from plenty of migrations to DSpace 7, we hope to help other institutions facing this challenge and make the process as smooth and successful as possible. DSpace 8, due to be released in April 2024, will also be mentioned.

Presenter: Susanna Mornati, Chief Operating Officer of 4Science, draws on more than 30 years of experience in local and national projects for research information systems around the world, particularly dedicated to Open Access and Open Science. Susanna has an international reputation in the Open Science communities, participating in scientific committees and as a speaker at numerous events. She is a member of the Research Data Alliance (RDA), the COAR Board for Controlled Vocabularies, the DSpace Leadership and Steering committees.