From Claudio Cortese, 4Science  

4Science is in Africa to support VLIR-UOS. VLIR-UOS is a Flemish initiative that supports partnerships between universities in Flanders (Belgium) and in developing countries, looking for innovative responses to global and local challenges. In the framework of the institutional cooperation with Bahir Dar University (BDU), Ethiopia, and particularly the Phase 1 Transversal Institutional Strengthening Project (TISP), coordinated by Marc Goovaerts from Hasselt University, 4Science has been invited to present DSpace-CRIS to Bahir Dar University and neighborhood institutions, as a volunteer support action. Susanna Mornati, COO at 4Science, will be in Ethiopia from 14th to 23rd December 2017 to meet local policy and decision makers, researchers, IT and library directors and staff, to support their institutional policy towards Open Access and Open Science.

Moreover, we are supporting Prince Sultan University (Saudi Arabia) for their DSpace-CRIS installation management.

If you want to know more about DSpace-CRIS, now you can access also recording & slides of the DSpace-CRIS webinar held by Susanna Mornati, Chief Operating Officer at 4Science, and Giorgi Banetishvili, from the National Scientific Library of Georgia. This webinar, “DSpace-CRIS, The Free Open Source Extension of DSpace Digital Repository Software,” is available here.

At the same time, we are completing our 2018 agenda, which is likely to be even more exciting than that of 2017. We will start traveling again already in January, for the EUDAT Conference, in Porto (Portugal), to present a poster, together with DuraSpace, on our partnership aimed at providing DuraCloud services in Europe.