From Atmire   Share your repository usage data with the international RAMP initiative for repository usage analysis and comparison.

Montana State University, the Association of Research Libraries, the University of New Mexico, and OCLC Research have joined as partners to examine the difficulties that libraries face in producing accurate reports on the use of their digital repositories.

The Repository Analytics & Metrics Portal (RAMP) is a web service that improves the accuracy of institutional repository (IR) analytics and provides IR managers with the following capabilities:

  • Persistent access to accurate counts of file downloads from IR.
  • Implementation with minimal training or configuration.
  • The potential to aggregate IR metrics across organizations for consistent benchmarking and analysis.

How to join

In order to join RAMP , it is a prerequisite that you are using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track your repository traffic. The RAMP team will provide you with a small verification file that Atmire can deploy on DSpace, in order to authorize the RAMP team to access data from your repository’s Google account.

This integration is very light weight and only grants the RAMP team with READ-ONLY access to the Google Search Console data. No personally identifiable information (PII) is collected. After this integration has been set up, you receive a login to the RAMP portal, where you can see traffic reports for your repository and compare them with others

Get started today

Simply send an email to, stating the url of your repository and your role as the contact person to get the ball rolling.