The Big Picture: why Entities are Important for Institutional Repositories and what you can do with DSpace

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We’re thrilled to invite you to our upcoming webinar in collaboration with Lyrasis: “The Big Picture: why Entities are Important for Institutional Repositories and what you can do with DSpace.” This one-hour webinar is specifically designed for institutions with repositories, research and educational organizations, and will provide valuable insights into the use of entities in institutional repositories. 

Join us on May 30th at 11:00 AM EST/10:00 AM US Central Time to explore the powerful capabilities of DSpace in the context of configurable entities. Our expert speakers will delve into how entities can enrich metadata, improve search results, and enhance the overall user experience. A unique opportunity to learn from the experts and gain best practices to help you make the most of your institutional repository! 

As pioneers of innovation in the digital repository space, we’re proud to share our expertise with you in this informative and engaging webinar: we’re confident that you’ll walk away with valuable insights that will take your institutional repository to the next level. 

Don’t miss out on this must-attend event: register now to secure your spot and join us on May 30th. We look forward to seeing you there! 

With speaker Andrea Bollini. Andrea is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) of 4Science, widely credited for his significant contributions to the international open-source and open-standard communities. With more than a decade of domain experience, Andrea has become a respected leading figure in his field and has held senior roles as DSpace committer, Deputy Leader of EuroCRIS' CERIF TG, and member of the COAR Next Generation Repositories Expert Group. An unparalleled resource on the 4Scence team, he has been engaged for more than 10 years in designing cutting-edge solutions and IT projects for research, e-publishing, and OA repositories and in helping organizations understand the importance of entities for institutional repositories. He holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics and a Masters in ICT Management, which have provided him with the background to excel in his current position and to be globally acknowledged as an absolute forerunner in contributions to the adoption of state-of-the-art open-source technologies.

We are excited to have Andrea as a speaker for our upcoming webinar, "The Big Picture: Why entities matter for institutional repositories and what you can do with DSpace."

With moderators:

Irene Buso is 4Science's senior Business Development Manager and CRO of 4Science USA, responsible for developing effective product adoption and marketing strategies, dissemination of Open Source value, negotiation management, and acts as the main point of contact for many clients. She firmly believes that the latest open-source technology solutions are the key to increasing the visibility and prestige of clients, boosting the dissemination of research and cultural heritage for the benefit of all.

Federico Verlicchi is a talented business developer at 4Science, known for his exceptional creativity and analytical skills. He graduated from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, with a BSc in Marketing Analytics and a MSc in Business Intelligence and Analytics, specializing in Data Science. Federico's extensive educational background and hands-on experience make him a valuable asset to the company.

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