From DSquare Technologies

DSquare Technologies is pleased to announce GDPR solution for DSpace.

Most of us are aware that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted during May, 2018 resulting in stricter data privacy requirements. It is now more  important than ever to ensure security of Personal Identifiable information.

DSquare Technologies developed a GDPR compliance solution for DSpace with GDPR requirements in mind and at the request of some of the esteemed institutions served by DSquare Technologies (Certified DuraSpace  Contributor for DSpace). While solutions are evolving for further improvement some of this solution’s highlights cover:  i) protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII), ii) right to be forgotten, iii) communication about any data breach, iv) managing cookies as per user session, v) OWASP listed vulnerabilities complied repository and many other parameters for ensuring compliance with GDPR.

DSquare Technologies is happy to help institutions in ensuring compliance with GDPR and making its repositories more secured and reliable for users. For more information contact: | Skype: dsquare_technologies | Cell/WhatsApp: +919717396363

About DSquare Technologies

DSquare Technologies is a Certified DuraSpace Contributor and Registered Service Provider for DSpace addressing information management requirements starting from Entry level to Enterprise scale repositories having multiple millions of pages. Some of add-ons developed on DSpace are Real time data analytics & Reports, Browser based content viewer, Modern user interface with mobile first approach with RTL, GDPR etc. that enable it to provide solutions for verticals like Libraries, Archives, Research, Judiciary, Knowledge management, Office documents management etc.