From the DSpace 7 UI outreach group

Austin, TX  Every other Thursday developers from countries around the world gather online to map out priorities and next steps towards getting started on a framework for DSpace 7–with an Angular 2 UI. The group is led by Art Lowel at Atmire. Coding is underway. The group is investigating exciting ideas including advanced browse capabilities and looking for more community members to get involved. In support of this work, the team has contributed updated design documents including Angular 2 documentation and an early view of what the technical stack will look like.

DSpace tech lead for DuraSpace Tim Donohue says, "Much remains to be done to have an alpha version of DSpace 7 available for testing in 2017. Stay tuned for broad calls for participation in DSpace 7 development."

To make DSpace 7 a reality we need your help! Here is an overview of DSpace 7 resources that include information about how you can get involved.

How to find out more about DSpace 7

• An early look at the DSpace 7 technolgy stack:

• The guide for DSpace 7 getting started/how to contribute:

• README on the GitHub DSpace 7 project codebase:

• DSpace 7 UI Working Group:

Work is also progressing on cleaning up the DSpace rest API in preparation for integration with DSpace 7. This initiative is led by Andrea Bollini at 4Science. Be on the lookout for requests for community feedback on email lists. To join day-to-day conversations please join a new slack dedicated to DSpace 7 development–sign up here. To receive DSpace 7 updates subscribe to the DSpace mailing list updates and follow DSpacetweets on twitter.

On Wednesday, February 15 the DSpace 7 UI Outreach Working Group will meet at 12:00 PM ET; UTC 17:00. Bi-weekly meetings are underway to engage the community in support for DSpace 7 development. Contact Carol Minton Morris <> if you would like to attend.