From Susanna Mornati, Director of Operations, 4Science

4Science, together with The Library Code and other organizations in the DSpace-CRIS community, such as the Hamburg University of Technology, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the Georg-August-University Goettingen, the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, the University of Bern, the University of Trieste, are inviting all the interested institutions in DSpace-CRIS, the first free open-source Research Information Management System (aka CRIS/RIMS), to join in the first International DSpace-CRIS User Group Meeting. The event is organized in the framework of the euroCRIS Membership Meeting that will be held on November 18-20, 2019 at the University of Münster, Germany-EU. More information here:

DSpace-CRIS is proceeding toward version 7: all the details of the new exciting updates in the Product Roadmap and the suggestions and
contributions of the users’; community:

4Science participated in the 2019 DSpace North American User Group Meeting, held on September 23-24 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN-USA, with two presentations: the “DSpace 7 REST API” and “How to enhance your DSpace repository: use cases for DSpace-CRIS, DSpace-RDM, and DSpace-GLAM flavors.”. There was a strong interest towards these extensions of DSpace that are addressing some emerging use cases such as the CRIS/RIMS, the Research Data Management, the Digital Libraries integrated
with IIIF standards for images.

4Science joined participants at the 2019 LYRASIS Summit, held on October 3-4 in Chicago, IL-USA. Engaging with LYRASIS after the recent merger with DuraSpace was  fruitful and provided the opportunity to get to know the merged organization, its governance, its activities, and discuss resources for the benefit of the entire DSpace community. We are very inspired and enthusiastic about facing new challenges and meeting new opportunities.

The slides and the video of the “Better Together” webinar organized by ORCID are now available: take this opportunity to learn about integration points and options for ORCID within Dspace-CRIS, and the benefits for researchers and institutions. DSpace-CRIS is fully integrated with ORCID API v.2, providing pull and push functionality for researchers’ profiles, publications, projects, and web hooks to alert authors about new publications directly within their DSpace-CRIS repository.

A Virtual Community Call for South African DSpace Users has been organized by the first time by COAR, LYRASIS and 4Science together. This Virtual Community meeting is intended for the South African DSpace Users who responded to an online survey that was posted on the IRTalk mailing list during August 2019. On 23 October 2019 Kathleen Shearer (COAR), Andrea Bollini (4Science) and Michele Mennielli (LYRASIS) will present updates about COAR, DSpace and DSpace-CRIS. The virtual meeting will also be the opportunity to launch a South African DSpace User Group.

4Science cares for all DSpace-CRIS local communities, and was invited to give the opening speech at the
Fifth Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Open Science. The talk: “More facts than promises: FAIR data at your fingertips with open source solutions” will be focused on the availability of sustainable solutions with FAIR-compliant tools to support Open Science, such as DSpace-CRIS with RDM functionality, a powerful integration with CKAN released as a free add-on module by 4Science.