On March 5, 2019 Terry Brady, Georgetown University Library and Pascal Becker, The Library Code, presented, “DSpace Docker for Repository Managers: Running Any Version of DSpace from your Desktop.

In 2018, the DSpace development team packaged DSpace to be run with Docker. This made it possible to start any version of DSpace from your desktop with a simple command line call.  The use of Docker has created a more flexible development environment for DSpace contributors. Docker also offers great potential for repository managers which was the focus of this webinar.

The webinar recording and presentation slides are now available at https://duraspace.org/webinar/.
Additional DSpace Docker Resources are available at https://dspace-labs.github.io/DSpace-Docker-Images/.
A special thank you to Pascal Becker, The Library Code and Terry Brady, Georgetown University Library for sharing this webinar with the DSpace community!