Have you heard about the Repository/CRIS Workshop that will be held on Monday June 10 in Hamburg, Germany at Open Repositories 2019?  Join Michele Mennielli, Anna Clements and Pablo de Castro to:

• explore how to make repositories work with CRIS/research information management systems like VIVO
• address goals and drivers for integration
• hear use cases of successful CRIS/repository implementations that integrate a variety of open source and vended systems

Plans are underway to continue this discussion at the 2019 VIVO Conference in Podgorica, Montenegro Sept. 4-6, 2019.

You may be wondering, “What’s a CRIS, and why should it integrate with a repository?”

VIVO falls under a broad category of systems that aggregate research metadata, including research information management systems, research networking systems, research information systems, and current research information systems. Many faculty profile systems, expert finder systems and faculty activity systems also aggregate research information.

Around the world, repositories support and facilitate the research process, open access, compliance, and reporting, both within and outside institutions. Repositories may be implemented for different purposes, and they’re not always connected to a research information aggregator like VIVO, despite the resulting benefits to our global community.

Recognize a geographic theme? In Europe, CRIS systems have gained traction thanks in part to national mandates for open access and assessments of research. VIVO has a strong presence in Europe, as do DSpace and Fedora, and there are so many exciting developments in the European VIVO community. This year’s VIVO Conference is a great opportunity to get on board.