4Science beyond DSpace: University College Dublin (UCD) chooses 4Science

4Science beyond DSpace: University College Dublin (UCD) chooses 4Science for their new Dataverse platform

4Science and UCD logosWe are very proud to announce that UCD have chosen 4Science as their partner of choice for their new Dataverse platform. 4Science already established a longstanding relationship with UCD being a DSpace-CRIS user. We are very happy to start this new project that will set UCD at the forefront of Open Science. Dspace-CRIS (DSPACE-CRIS - 4Science) and Dataverse ( The Dataverse Project - Dataverse.org ) are the most developed and advanced tools in the Open Science framework for different use cases but with the same final goal: advance Open Science innovation.

DSpace-CRIS is the most popular open-source CRIS-RIMS platform for research output and Dataverse allows you to share, preserve, cite, explore, and analyze research data.

The great thing about DSpace-CRIS and Dataverse is that even if they are different platforms for different uses, Dataverse can be easily integrated with DSpace-CRIS to provide smooth navigation among research objects of the institution adopting them.

We are very excited about this project because it is also a statement of 4Science’s support to Open Science beyond DSpace. Our aim is to support the whole Open Science ecosystem to accelerate the implementation of Open Science solutions, policies, and principles all around the world.

This transversal, multi-platform, and multidisciplinary experience makes us the best providers for any Open Science project.

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