From Claudio Cortese, 4Science  

4Science has several new projects for 2018 and will participate in significant conferences for the repository community.

We’re looking forward to Open Repositories 2018 where 4Science will participate as a sponsor.

At OR2018 we will present some of our main projects, either recently completed or in progress.  Presentations may include:

  • Hasselt University (Belgium) project, aimed at supporting the development of the new DSpace 7 Angular UI, specifically with regards to the submission process (the current results of the project will be presented in the next DSpace 7 WG);
  • Development of an e-commerce module based on WooCommerce, and integrated with the IIIF Authorization API, to allow the distribution of digital objects stored in DSpace repositories;
  • Migration of the Digital Library of the National Library of Naples in Italy to DSpace-GLAM.

At OR2018, Andrea Bollini will also lead a workshop to update the community on the progress of the DSpace 7 REST development activities, and participate in the panel “Next generation repositories: Scaling up repositories to a global knowledge commons” as a member of the NGR WG.

In the last month 4Science contracted two Clients with new projects:

  • The University of Milan (Italy), DSpace-GLAM will be used to collect information and documents related to political refugees in Italy between 1967 and 1985;
  • The University of Turin (Italy), a DSpace-CRIS repository will be structured to manage the policies of Italian publishers of scholarly literature.