As the number of DSpace and Fedora repositories and VIVO installations grow–in 2018 there are more than 2,900 registered worldwide–the desire to learn more about them–where are they, how they are accessed online, what type of content they hold, software versions, specializations etc.–also increases. Answers to these and other questions can lead to greater connections among institutions and repository instances with similar goals and interests.  The registry helps build our community and serves as a valuable tool to learn who is using what software, how they are using it and how their use case may be similar to yours.

The DuraSpace Registry is a community driven database that identifies which institutions and organizations around the world use DSpace, Fedora and VIVO.  The registry not only offers basic information about the repository or VIVO but can also include software versions, customizations, types of content, etc.  Registry content can be sorted by project, country, and type of institution. The registry was designed to be a useful tool and resource to all users in our community.

The information available in our registry is limited to what has been provided by an institution/organization either by registering or through the OpenDOAR listing.  In order to maximize the usefulness of the registry it is imperative that our users register their instance and/or ensure their information is up to date.

Please take a moment to see if your organization’s repository or instance is listed on the registry.  If not, let us know that you are using DSpace, Fedora or VIVO by sharing information about the software you’re using through our registry.  If you find your information is outdated, please use the email link provided at the bottom of your registry entry to tell us what’s new or contact Kristi Searle to update your information.