From the DuraSpace and euroCRIS Teams

DuraSpace and euroCRIS will co-host a one-day event to focus on interoperability between DSpace repository and CRIS systems in advance of the CRIS 2018 Conference in Umeå, Sweden – on Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

In February 2017 DuraSpace and euroCRIS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the intent of working with the respective communities in order to share ideas and best practices on how repositories interoperate with CRIS platforms and to identify together the right technologies and standards to make this interoperability smoother and stronger. Both organizations promote a scholarly and research ecosystem which is much more integrated. CRIS systems and repositories are two important components of such an ecosystem.

The CRIS 2018 Conference offers both DuraSpace and euroCRIS the right opportunity to bring the two communities together. This first joint initiative will focus on the relations between one of DuraSpace’s projects, DSpace, and the CRIS systems.

DSpace users will have a great opportunity to meet to identify existing examples of integration between DSpace and CRIS systems and to discuss functionalities that DSpace could implement in the future in order to more effectively support workflows traditionally associated with Research Information Systems.

The meeting is open to the international community of DSpace Users and to all those who are interested in exploring DSpace as a sustainable solution for their project. All participants will have a chance to get together and share their experience and use cases to the benefit of the whole community.

Since the event is in Sweden it will provide all attendees the unique opportunity to learn how the relations between DSpace repositories and CRIS systems are being implemented in the Scandinavian Region.

Members of the DSpace community are encouraged to send their proposals using the following form:

Additional information about logistics (time and room) will follow. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Michele Mennielli (