From Claudio Cortese, 4Science  

June is traditionally the period when main events for those implementing and managing  digital repositories and libraries are concentrated. 2018 is no exception.

We are packing for Open Repositories 2018, where we will be present both as a sponsor and as contributors. Don’t forget to come to our exhibit space to pick up pens, stickers, brochures and talk about DSpace, open source, research information, data management, cultural heritage, and much more.

Back from Bozeman we will not even have time to do our laundry before we leave for Sweden, to attend the CRIS 2018 Conference in Umeå. There, at the DuraSpace-euroCRIS event on June 13th, we will lead a workshop on DSpace-CRIS: researchers, librarians, technicians and repository managers from different European institutions will expose their case studies, focusing on lessons learned, benefits and challenges related to implementing and using DSpace-CRIS, the free open-source extension of DSpace for the Research Data and Information Management.

We will also update the community on DSpace 7 development activities, on COAR Next Generation Repositories and OpenAIRE Recommendations, and on the outcomes of Open Repositories 2018.

However, we are not only looking forward: in the last month we concluded all the activities related to OpenAIRE funding awarded to 4Science in January 2018. Therefore, together with the already announced compatibility with OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archives version 4 (coming soon), based on Datacite schema 4.1, our implementation of ResourceSync for DSpace, working out-of-box with the two latest released versions of DSpace, 5.x and 6.x, and ready for DSpace 7, was submitted to the DSpace community for formal evaluation and inclusion in the code base, and is available here: