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Going to Open Repositories in Bozeman (MT) next week? Atmire is proud to support the conference as a major sponsor. Meet up with our five representatives at the event.

Mark Diggory leads the Atmire operations in the US, from our NY based office. He primarily manages repository projects in the Americas and is one of the 19 DSpace committers.

Lieven Droogmans is Atmire’s CEO and Co-founder. He is responsible for Atmire’s largest projects and serves on the DuraSpace Steering Group (SG) for DSpace.

Bram Luyten is Atmire’s Co-founder and Project Manager. Bram is a DSpace committer and formerly served as co-chair of the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT). He is very familiar with our Open Repository and DSpace Express offering, as well as several of Atmire’s open source activities including RIOXX, IRUS and COUNTER.

Art Lowel manages Atmire’s Research & Development activities. His past accomplishments include both of the “Mirage” themes for the DSpace XML User Interface. As a DSpace committer, he is currently leading the User Interface developments for DSpace 7.

Ignace Deroost is Atmire’s global Sales and Marketing Associate. He has in-depth knowledge on Atmire’s DSpace based Software as a Service solutions Open Repository and DSpace Express.

Digital Poster Reception at OR 2017 in Brisbane, sponsored by Atmire

Digital Poster Reception at OR 2017 in Brisbane, sponsored by Atmire.

Serving all types of repositories and institutions

In the past years Atmire has built and acquired a wide array of repository services and products, that have recently been consolidated into three main lines of service.

DSpace Express

DSpace Express is the most affordable full repository service on the market. This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform provides you with a branded DSpace repository which is maintained and upgraded by Atmire. The subscription includes cloud hosting and support services so you don’t need to take care of anything technical yourself.

Open Repository

Open Repository goes the extra mile when it comes to repository features and infrastructure. This SaaS Solution gives you many extra features on top of everything that’s already in DSpace. The platform includes integrations with pubmed, Scopus and others and enables author profiles and easy social media sharing. Administrators themselves have access to many additional configurations options directly through the user interface. So setting up workflows, batch ingesting content and managing collections is a peace of cake.

Open Repository comes with support services and a high availability cloud hosting which includes fallback and test servers on top of the production and backup infrastructure.

Custom DSpace repository

Atmire’s custom development services enable repository platforms entirely tailored to institution specific use cases and integration needs. As a client you can decide which functionality and services should be included and where the repository is deployed, whether it’s on an in house server or on a hosted instance.

DSpace 7

The community’s efforts in developing the new major version of DSpace are in full swing, with dedicated teams focused on the REST API and UI milestones. Finally, the community is reuniting on a single user interface platform after the years of division into the JSPUI and XMLUI sub-communities.

DSpace 7 will come with the brand new Angular User interface which will make DSpace future proof and facilitate further development for institutions by adopting this widely adopted JavaScript framework.

Want to learn more about DSpace 7? Visit us at the conference.

2018 prototype of the DSpace 7 search results page

2018 prototype of the DSpace 7 search results page