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4Science joined the prestigious IIIF Consortium as an Associate Member.

Since 2017, 4Science has been pioneering technological advancements, and today, they stand among the esteemed participating institutions, embracing the power of open standards.

Check out 4Science membership on the IIIF Consortium website:

By adhering to IIIF's shared API specifications, 4Science is simplifying the analysis, sharing, and migration of digitized materials. Scholars and researchers now have seamless access to high-quality images, enabling groundbreaking discoveries and collaborations.

At 4Science, we believe in the power of interoperability and accessibility.

Joining the IIIF Consortium further strengthens the 4Science commitment to empowering institutions worldwide with cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaboration in the digital realm. 4Science extends their gratitude to the IIIF Consortium for welcoming them as an Associate Member, and they look forward to collaborating with like-minded visionaries in shaping the future of digital cultural heritage.

Josh Hadro the Managing Director of the IIIF consortium said “We're very excited to have 4Science joining us as a member of the consortium. They put on a wonderful workshop at the IIIF conference in Naples and we are happy to announce that they're even more participating in the broader IIIF consortium for years to come as a as a member of the consortium and we're grateful for their support.”

Stay tuned as 4Science continues to revolutionize the way we interact with and preserve cultural treasures! ️