From Claudio Cortese, 4Science  In June two major events were held involving the Repositories Community: Open Repositories OR2018 in Bozeman, MT (USA), and CRIS2018 in Umeå (Sweden).

In Bozeman 4Science took part in presentations related to providing updates on DSpace 7 development (here you can find all the talks/workshops). 4Science co-led the workshop on DSpace 7 REST API and co-presented a project with Hasselt University, where we developed the DSpace 7 UI new submission module (

We presented:

  • the implementation within DSpace-CRIS of the IIIF Authentication API (;
  • the migration to DSpace-GLAM of the Digital Library at the National Library of Naples (;
  • a talk on: Next generation repositories: Scaling up repositories to a global knowledge commons, co-authored with some members of the COAR NGR WG;
  • a poster about the implementation of interoperability tools in several open source platform thanks to an OpenAIRE award (; our poster was voted by attendees as the most relevant to the conference theme;
  • a poster on Research Data Management Platforms (

Finally, 4Science was part of the team who won the Ideas Challenge with a proposal for image tagging within DSpace by means of the IIIF Image Viewer and an Artificial Intelligence application.

Following OR we traveled to Umeå, Sweden where we organized a workshop on DSpace-CRIS within the event co-hosted by euroCRIS and DuraSpace. After presenting the updates on the roadmap to DSpace 7 and an overview of DSpace-CRIS, we left the floor to several institutions that presented their DSpace-CRIS projects in collaboration with 4Science:

During the conference there were more contributions by our Clients, including the Technical University of Hamburg with the self-explaining title “From PURE to DSpace-CRIS”. On Friday we held a tutorial and on the last day we finished with a presentation on how to make research information FAIR with DSpace-CRIS.