From Bram Luyten, Atmire  Originally launched in 2012, KAUST Research Repository has grown to over 18,000 items of KAUST research. KAUST Library and Atmire have worked together on the latest KAUST Repository upgrade featuring ORCIDv2 support, audiovisual streaming and other improvements.

ORCIDv2 and Author authority control

The majority of new items coming into KAUST Repository is mediated by the library. Therefore it was key that ORCIDs could successfully be added to author information on items, both in the manual submission forms as well as in the DSpace facilities that allow spreadsheet-based ingest of new items.

On item pages, authors associated with an ORCID id can be identified by the badges alongside their names. These badges can be clicked to navigate to an author’s profile on

For each individual person, authority records have been generated in the repository. This enables homonym support, meaning that separate lists of publications can be managed for two people both named “Smith, John”. At the same time, it is also possible to link up a single ORCID id with multiple name variants of the same person.

These facilities for homonym and name variant support can be used both on authors that have an ORCID, as well as authors that are only represented with a name.

In the near term, read and write operations of ORCIDS for authors on DSpace items through the DSpace REST API are being explored.

Audiovisual streaming

To optimize access on different devices, the repository now streams videos uploaded as bitstreams to items. This is possible without Flash, Silverlight or any other dependency that requires a component to be installed on the client browser before streaming can be offered. Click here to see this feature in action.

Atmire repository services

KAUST Repository is based on Atmire’s Open Repository platform. Contact us to learn more about Atmire’s repository services.

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