From Tim Donohue Technical Lead for DSpace & DSpaceDirect

Just a reminder that our Second DSpace Community Sprint is coming up on July 9-20! This is a great opportunity to get familiar with DSpace 7 and also help us complete DSpace 7 more quickly. As of right now, our signup list is still a bit light. Signups for this two-week sprint are open at:

During our first DSpace 7 two week sprint (May 7-18), the team completed 10 Pull Requests (PRs) to DSpace 7. We have an additional 4 PRs that began during the sprint, and should be merged in the very near future. Work concentrated primarily on bug fixes and building out administrative functionality in DSpace 7. Most of the effort this time around concentrated on the REST API (as most participants were more comfortable with Java development).

Feedback from sprint participants was very positive. Overall, they noted they learned a lot about DSpace 7 during the experience. They said they felt well supported by our sprint coaches, who were quick to respond with ideas and suggestions when they encountered issues. We also received great feedback on how to improve the sprint process for the future, namely around enhancing the documentation and getting started information for DSpace 7.

The full summary & feedback from Sprint #1 is available at:

Our next DSpace 7 Sprint (aptly named Sprint #2) will be coming up from July 9-20. Signups for this two-week sprint are open at:

We’d love to have you or your team take part in DSpace 7 development! It’s also a great opportunity to get hands-on learning experience with the upcoming DSpace 7 in a welcome, supportive environment.

If you have any questions about participating in a sprint, please