LYRASIS and  DSpace recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to clarify the ways in which they intend to work together. Entering into a shared commitment in the form of an MOU is an effective tool for collaboration and operationalizing shared values in a widely- distributed community.

The DSpace Program is comprised of an unincorporated community of members and sponsors committed to improving and promoting DSpace around the world, harnessing the skills of an active developer community, the energy, and insights of engaged and active users, and the financial support of project members and registered service providers. The DSpace Project is led and represented by a governance body called the DSpace Leadership Group. The chair of the DSpace Leadership Group is elected by its members.

LYRASIS and DSpace share a commitment to provide enduring access to the world’s digital heritage, and creating and sustaining a world where information is shared, preserved, and used.

Each party brings its member community to the Agreement. LYRASIS brings a stable financial foundation and a proven fundraising track record. DSpace sustains its efforts through in-kind and financial contributions. LYRASIS and the DSpace Project will work together for mutual support and advocacy. 


The MOU between LYRASIS and DSpace creates a strong foundation for the shared understanding that the success and health of each depends on the other. Both parties are committed to building a strong project and a strong organizational home.