This year’s LYRASIS Member Summit will be held October 3-4 in Chicago. The theme is “From Local to Global. It promises to be a fast-paced, two-day experience that pairs imagination with innovation and discussion with action.

The following sessions are all scheduled for Day 2, but don’t miss Day 1 which will be focused on innovation with imagination. Catalyst Fund recipients will present, and the 2020 LYRASIS research agenda will be determined. Our opening speaker will be Kaitlin Thaney, Endowment Director for the Wikimedia Foundation.

NextGen ScholComm: Models to Move us Forward
This panel will focus on innovative approaches to advance the OPEN movement, including emerging content models, publishing strategies, and other issues to address through collective action.

Reimagining the Future of Scholarly Communication from the University Press Perspective
The university presses on this panel will discuss their roles in the future of scholarly communication and what it will take to get there through collaboration with the library community.

Patron Data: Privacy, Curation and Beyond
Stewarding patron data is a critical part of our organizational missions, but are we ceding control of this information when we use for-profit interfaces? This panel will discuss the challenges and solutions for maximizing the power of user data while still protecting patron privacy.

Perspectives on Accessibility: A LYRASIS Research Endeavor
This panel will focus on the LYRASIS research conducted into the state of accessibility efforts in libraries, including purchased content, created content and systems.

Cultural Heritage Collections As Data
This panel will discuss the opportunity to rethink cultural heritage collections information by making it available as data, thus expanding the opportunities for researchers and beyond to engage computationally with vital resources.

Community Supported Software Sustainability and Beyond: a Wider Perspective 
This session will feature speakers discussing various layers of sustainability, using the LYRASIS It Takes a Village model to encourage innovation and long term success. Speakers will also discuss wider sustainability strategies and making room for innovation and sustainability at the portfolio level.

Trends, Challenges and Impact with Going Global for Community Supported Programs
This panel discussion features speakers working with various community supported programs from different parts of the world. The themes that will be discussed include Global Engagement Considering Different Cultures, Languages and Tools; Incorporating and Adapting Standards; and Broadening User Bases.

EBook Reading Experience: Publics and Academics
We find ourselves in an EBook ecosystem where patrons and researchers need to use multiple services that can create intentional disintermediation between library and user with the additional need of ongoing staff and patron training. Proliferation of proprietary reading apps are problematic when it comes to accessibility and patron privacy. This panel will discuss the overlapping issues and risks and what solutions are currently available

About the Summit
The LYRASIS Member Summit is a meeting for strategists and staff who are looking for new ways to collaborate and serve their users, researchers and communities. It is designed to help members and their institutions seize both sustainable and disruptive innovations to deliver new, better, and tried and tested approaches for increasing and sustaining access to knowledge. The Member Summit creates a unique space for learning, collaboration and designing action on the most important issues facing archives, libraries and museums today.