We are pleased to announce the release of DSpace 7.2. As the third 7.x release in the last year, we, the community, are committed to provide timely updates to provide new features, security & bug fixes to the 7.x platform.

The 7.2 release meets our 7.x technical roadmap to resolve two Tier 1 priorities and two Tier 2 priorities. Additional donated features and improvements are also included in this release.

New and improved features include:

  • IIIF Enhancements, including adding metadata via Simple Archive Format imports, editing metadata from the User Interface, etc. (Donated by Michael Spalti of Willamette University)

  • Added ability to run “filter-media” (Mediafilters) from the Processes User Interface

  • Improved support for custom “Browse by” configurations

  • Added backend support for JDK 17 (in addition to JDK11)

  • Frontend upgraded to Angular 11

  • Solr now uses connection pooling (Donated by Mark Wood of IUPUI)

Other fixes include:

  • Improved detection of when the REST API is inaccessible / unavailable.

  • Improved containerization of the User Interface (Donated by Harvard University)

  • Indexing performance improvements (Donated by 4Science)

  • Numerous bug fixes and accessibility improvements. See the Release Notes for details.

New and improved Language support:

  • Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) user interface support added (Donated by Donald I Macdonald and Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig)

  • German (Deutsch) user interface support had a syntax error causing it not to work correctly

A total of 28 individuals contributed to 7.2, with major institutional contributions coming from 4Science and Atmire.

For a full list of changes and contributors in 7.2, see our Release Notes.

Would you like to volunteer towards 7.3 development? DSpace 7.3 will be released in early June. Volunteer developers are welcome to contribute any feature (listed in any priority Tier or prior approved) to the 7.3 release. These donated features will be included in 7.3.  Please get in touch with Tim Donohue or add a comment to an existing issue ticket if you wish to volunteer time toward improving DSpace 7.x.

Download DSpace 7.2.