DuraSpace is pleased to announce Erin Tripp has been appointed the Executive Director of DuraSpace, effective November 1, 2018. Ms. Tripp has been serving as the Interim CEO for the organization since June 1, 2018.

As Executive Director, Ms. Tripp will focus on broadening engagement with the international user communities of DSpace, Fedora, VIVO, and DuraCloud. She will be working on growing and developing new strategic partnerships and improving the sustainability of DuraSpace’s products and services.

“DuraSpace is looking ahead to the future and we feel Erin is the right person to lead us there,” said Tyler Walters, Board President of DuraSpace. “The DuraSpace team and Board of Directors is enthusiastic about working with Erin and collaborating to strengthen the strategic direction for DuraSpace in our rapidly evolving landscape.”

Since joining DuraSpace in 2017 as the Business Development Manager, Ms. Tripp’s work to date has been focused on building granting opportunities, creating new models for supporting small or burgeoning open source projects, and  fostering collaboration with open source service providers.

“We have an incredible team of staff who will continue to deliver on our mission, engage our communities, and promote openness” Ms. Tripp said. “I’m looking forward to engaging with our members to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We have so much to look forward to as a community.”

All members will have an opportunity to meet and talk with Ms. Tripp during virtual office hours on Wednesday, November 14 between 9 am and 4 pm EDT or at the upcoming CNI fall meeting in Washington, DC on December 10-11.  Please reach out to Ms. Tripp to say hello and book a time to talk by emailing her at etripp@duraspace.org.

The DuraSpace team and Board of Directors are grateful to our members for their continued support throughout this transition process. As a result of your ongoing interest, engagement and participation, DuraSpace is well-positioned to continue to serve our communities by providing leadership and innovation in the development and deployment of open technologies and managed services that promote enduring access to the world’s digital heritage.