Neki IT participated in the Latin-American Free Software Installation Festival (FLISoL in Portuguese) this April. Neki IT represented DSpace at the event, providing its perspective and experience of working with the open source repository platform since 2005.

The FLISoL festival takes place in several cities in Latin America and it aims to promote the use of free software through lectures, workshops, and practical activities with participants. It’s the largest Latin America event of its kind. The event provided important feedback to Neki IT that will be used to update and improve services.

The Neki IT team exhibited at the event, providing information and demonstrations of DSpace. This is part of the company’s commitment to DSpace and Duraspace to disseminate information and news about DSpace to our region and community.

Neki IT is one of only two Latin America companies participating in the DuraSpace registered service provider (RSP) program, certified to provide DSpace services such as installation, configuration, custom development, training, support, maintenance and consulting.

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