From the DSpace 7 UI outreach group

Austin, TX  DSpace community members will be attending conferences and meetings this spring where DSpace 7 UI development will be discussed. If you will be attending as well please reach out to them, "ask about DSpace 7," and find out how to get involved with community efforts around the development of DSpace 7. 

Here is a list of DSpace 7 related conferences and meetings along with information about who will be attending.

Learn more about DSpace 7:

• An early look at the DSpace 7 technolgy stack:

• The guide for DSpace 7 getting started/how to contribute:

• README on the GitHub DSpace 7 project codebase:

• DSpace 7 UI Working Group:

• DSpace 7 UI Outreach Group:

• "Introducing DSpace 7" webinar recording:

Please join this exciting community initiative!

Be on the lookout for requests for community feedback on email lists. Please join day-to-day conversations in a new slack dedicated to DSpace 7 development–sign up here. To receive DSpace 7 updates subscribe to the DSpace mailing list updates and follow DSpacetweets on twitter.

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