PCG Academia as a trusted partner of universities in DSpace implementation

PCG Academia runs six major projects of implementing DSpace at the universities, enabling dissemination of a wide range of resources. Achievements deposited in the repositories of our partners include publications, artistic achievements, research data, teaching materials and theses. We work with both public universities, including art universities, and private universities. Below is a brief overview of the projects completed in the first half of 2023.

DSpace at art universities (Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków)

Open Art and Science Database

For the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, we designed and implemented an Open Art and Science Database based on DSpace 7 CRIS. The database consists of an art and science repository and a catalog of graphic collections. The originality of the project lies in the fact that the solution will be used to collect and share both scientific publications and artistic achievements as well as graphic collections.

The Open Art and Science Database is tailored to the Academy's graphic identity and has a friendly, bilingual interface. As part of the project, we also migrated data from the Academy Main Library's graphic collections catalog containing more than 35,000 items. View here.


DSpace at non-public universities (SWPS University)

SWPS RepositoryThe implementation of the repository at SWPS University provides the means for sharing publication and artistic achievements, as well as research data, by using the flexible metadata model used by DSpace 7 software.

The repository system is also closely integrated with other systems used by the university. Thanks to open interfaces, it was possible to integrate the repository with the Sciencecloud system, allowing the seamless transfer of data necessary for the evaluation of the scientific publications. The

connection to SWPS University's current infrastructure is managed through Salesforce software. DSpace both provides the publication data that is used for bonus applications and is the target system where achievements are added. View here.

Contact us

For more information about PCG Academia's DSpace services, please refer to this site. Contact us by email at info@pcgacademia.pl or phone number +48 17 777 37 00