CALL–Open Repositories 2018: Sustaining Open

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From Open Repositories 2018 Program Co-Chairs Claire Knowles and Evviva Weinraub Open Repositories 2018 is now calling for proposals around the theme of Sustaining Open. Research and Cultural Heritage communities have embraced the idea of Open; open communities, open source software, open data, scholarly communications, and open access publications and collections. These projects and communities require … Read More

DSpace-CRIS and DSpace-GLAM: The Community is Expanding

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From Claudio Cortese, 4Science  More and more institutions are adopting DSpace-CRIS and DSpace-GLAM worldwide.  There is a growing interest around our open source solutions based on DSpace, with more and more institutions adopting them worldwide. Slides from a recent webinar entitled “DSpace-CRIS: How it Works and how to Leverage it” were  presented by: Susanna Mornati, … Read More

German User Group Meeting

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From Pascal-Nicolas Becker, The Library Code and Michele Mennielli, DuraSpace On September 21, 2017 The Library Code GmbH, the Universitätsbibliothek Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Informationszentrum Raum und Bau IRB organized in Stuttgart the 4th edition of 4th edition of the DSpace Anwendertreffen (German-speaking DSpace User Group meeting). More than 70 attendees from all over Germany … Read More

UPDATE: DuraSpace Migration/ Upgrade Survey: Call for Participation

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From Erin Tripp < >, Business Development Manager The DuraSpace community is sharing their migration and upgrade stories.  Now let’s hear from you! We captured 12 migration stories and have 11 more interviews pending. Managers, librarians, application analysts/ engineers, and project managers from the United States, Canada, the UK, and Switzerland talked about migrations and upgrades … Read More

Introducing the DuraSpace Code of Conduct

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DuraSpace is an international community dedicated to providing a welcoming, inclusive and positive experience for all members of our community. This includes formal gatherings, social settings, and online activities including mailing lists, wikis, web sites, IRC channels, Slack, and/or private correspondence. Accordingly, all community members are expected to show respect and courtesy to other attendees … Read More

The 2.5% Commitment

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This blog post was contributed by David W. Lewis, Dean of the IUPUI University Library, This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license  The Commitment: Every academic library should commit to contribute 2.5% of its total budget to support the common infrastructure needed to create the open scholarly commons. Academic Libraries and … Read More

SHARE your migration and upgrade Story

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From Erin Tripp, Business Development Manager for DuraSpace I’m collecting anecdotes from people who have undertaken a migration or a major upgrade in the recent past. We hope to collect stories about how the project went, what resources were used or developed during the process, and whether it turned into an opportunity to update skills, … Read More

REGISTER for The DSpace Anwendertreffen 2017

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From Pascal-Nicolas Becker, The Library Code GmbH Berlin, Germany  Registration is open for the DSpace Anwendertreffen 2017 (formally known as German DSpace User Group Meeting) will take place on Thursday, September 21, 2017 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. It is organized by Stuttgart University Library, Fraunhofer IRB and The Library Code GmbH. This Meeting is about informal … Read More

A Deep Dive into DSpace and Angular 2 at OR2017

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Open source software development takes commitment, an understanding of the benefits of participation, and a sense of adventure with regard to making something good happen for a wide community of stakeholders. A group of 2017 Open Repositories Conference attendees took a step towards a deeper understanding of current DSpace development priorities and process at the … Read More

AVAILABLE: 6 Release Candidate Version of DSpace-CRIS

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From Andrea Bollini, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, 4Science DSpace-CRIS is an open-source extension of DSpace that includes functionality useful for CRIS (Current Researcher Information System) users. DSpace-CRIS enables ingestion, storage, display and management of metadata and fulltext of all research-related components that can include publications, projects, grants, patents, organization units and researcher profiles (people). … Read More