Austin, TX  The 2016 DuraSpace Membership Campaign closed at the end of October. By joining DuraSpace this year 159 members are now connected with the DSpace, Fedora and VIVO projects they depend on. DuraSpace members become open source project part-owners who actively help advance project goals by participating in project governance. Thank you to all our members for believing, as we do, in working together to provide enduring access to the world’s digital heritage forever.

While Duraspace projects proudly provides these applications for free for anyone to use, we rely on membership fees to pay for staff who provide technical leadership, strategic planning, financial and business services, and communications, outreach and marketing.

Here’s where we stood at the end of the 2016 campaign:


total ds nov.png


Here’s what’s at stake

Each open source community has ambitious plans going forward. By project they include:


With participation from the DSpace community, the DSpace Steering Group has laid out plans to modernize DSpace software to meet the community’s needs of the next 5-10 years. A detailed roadmap has been approved and includes the following:

  • Efforts to increase global input

  • DSpace 7.0 development with a single user interface

  • Enhanced configuration and modernized codebase (both included in the recent release of DSpace 6)


The Fedora project continues to work closely with the community to engage committers and new users by reaching out nationally and internationally with workshops for beginners and those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Fedora's unique strengths. Current efforts include:


  • Design and delivery of Fedora 4 training opportunities – i.e. international Fedora 4 workshops, Fedora Camps, and developer-focused training

  • Easing migration from Fedora 3 to 4

  • API Extension Architecture (API-X) release a demonstration of the framework for a round of evaluation and feedback.

  • On-going Fedora 4 feature development and maintenance


The VIVO community has made progress on plans to improve the software and expand VIVO implementations around the world. Current efforts include:

  • Broadening community contributions and participation

  • Delivery of VIVO version 1.10, including increased support for internationalization and visualizations

  • Planning and organizing the Annual VIVO Conference

It’s never too late to join us

In order to achieve each community’s ambitious plans we must have your financial support. By joining DuraSpace at anytime during the year you will have the opportunity to support the projects that are of interest to you, and also to have a voice in project governance.

Become a DuraSpace member by simply completing the on-line membership form: If you have any questions or need more information about membership, please contact Valorie Hollister <>.


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