From Tim Donohue, DSpace tech lead, on behalf of the DSpace committers team

Austin, TX  The third release candidate of 6.0 is now available for download and testing. 6.0-RC3 (Release Candidate #3) is a pre-release of 6.0, and we hope that the 6.0 final release will follow closely in its footsteps.

We would appreciate additional testers to help us verify no additional major bugs or issues exist in the 6.0 codebase. Over the last few months, our team of volunteer developers has been diligently resolving known major issues that stand in the way of a 6.0 final release. We believe the 6.0 release is nearly production-ready, but could use your help in verifying there's nothing we've overlooked.

Assuming our final tests validate the stability of 6.0-RC3, we anticipate that the 6.0 final release will be made available within the next few weeks (i.e. mid-to-late September).

If you notice any bugs or issues with 6.0-RC3, please report them immediately to our issue tracker (  As always, we are also available to answer questions on our DSpace Tech Support list ( or #dspace IRC (


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