DSpace Newsletter Issue #3

October 4, 2023By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, News

We are pleased to announce another issue of the the DSpace Community Newsletter! We plan to send this newsletter on a quarterly basis: March, June, September and November. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please subscribe. (If you subscribe, Lyrasis will only send emails pertaining to the DSpace Community Newsletter.) Check out Issue … Read More

Atmire News: Scholarly Commons at University of Pennsylvania migrates to Atmire

October 4, 2023By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, RSP News

  A team at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries has successfully completed the migration of Scholarly Commons, the University’s open access institutional repository. This migration involved transitioning from BePress Digital Commons to an Atmire repository. The migration resulted in the establishment of a cutting-edge repository leveraging DSpace 7. Atmire not only facilitated the seamless transfer … Read More

Upcoming Webinar: Enabling Value Showcasing ORCID-enabled Scholarly Service Providers

September 29, 2023By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, News, RSP News No Comments

  During the webinar, 4Science and TUHH will go through a live demonstration on how we implemented the ORCID integration into DSpace under TORE (https://tore.tuhh.de), which is based on DSpace-CRIS 7. This feature has been implemented by 4Science at the TUHH DSpace repository thanks to the award of the “ORCID Global Participation Fund.” DSpace-CRIS has … Read More

DSquare Technologies: Paperless Court: High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh Live on DSpace 7

September 29, 2023By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, RSP News

Honourable High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh successfully went live on the DSpace 7-based paperless court solution to set a new benchmark in the Indian Judiciary by transforming the live case hearing process to digital form using the DSpace-based solution. On the other hand, DSpace has entered the league of mission-critical solutions by … Read More

PCG News: Implementations and Contributions to DSpace

September 29, 2023By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, News, RSP News

PCG Academia runs six major projects of implementing DSpace at the universities, enabling dissemination of a wide range of resources. Achievements deposited in the repositories of our partners include publications, artistic achievements, research data, teaching materials and theses. We work with both public universities, including art universities, and private universities. Below is a brief overview … Read More

New Demo Site for DSpace

August 25, 2023By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, News

As of today, our public demo site for DSpace (v7) has moved to https://demo.dspace.org . The REST API backend is now available at https://demo.dspace.org/server/ This demo site auto-updates itself every time a new change is pushed out to the DSpace v7 maintenance branches (dspace-7_x branch) in our frontend or backend codebases. So, it will always be … Read More

4Science: New Associate Member of the IIIF consortium

July 9, 2023By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, News

4Science joined the prestigious IIIF Consortium as an Associate Member. Since 2017, 4Science has been pioneering technological advancements, and today, they stand among the esteemed participating institutions, embracing the power of open standards. Check out 4Science membership on the IIIF Consortium website: https://iiif.io/community/consortium/members/ By adhering to IIIF’s shared API specifications, 4Science is simplifying the analysis, … Read More

4Science: Leading the Way as First Contributors to Every DSpace Repository on GitHub

July 9, 2023By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, News

In the realm of Open Science, where collaboration and open solutions are key, 4Science stands out as a leading force, dedicated to enabling open-source projects tailored to the specific needs of each institution. With a deep-rooted commitment to innovation, 4Science has played a pivotal role in advancing successful open-source initiatives like DSpace, Dataverse, and OJS. … Read More