We are delighted to invite DSpace users to an upcoming series of online workshops for DSpace 7. Please join us for an opportunity to learn more about the features and functionalities the community has come together to shape for this newest release. These events are also designed to be a space to ask questions and share your experiences and feedback related to DSpace 7. 

Three workshops will be offered over three days, each aimed at different DSpace user groups: from general user, to those focused on maintaining DSpace instances, and those working on DSpace development. We encourage you to sign up for any or all events that are useful or of interest. Presentations will be 60 minutes, followed by 30 minutes for a questions and answer session. 

To register, please sign up via the registration link listed below each workshop description. Registration is free and open to all. To receive your Zoom login information in time for the event, please register by November 11.  

If you have any questions about the workshops or how to register, please contact Natalie Baur, DSpace Program Coordinator, at natalie.baur@lyrasis.org.  

The sessions will be recorded. We look forward to seeing you at these workshops! 

Session 1: Using DSpace 7.4
Tuesday, Nov 15 at 15:00UTC-16:30UTC (10:00am EST-11:30am EST) 

Whether you use DSpace already, or are thinking about using it in the future, this workshop will help guide you through common activities in DSpace. We will demonstrate both new and redesigned features of the DSpace 7 user interface. Presenters: Melissa Anez (LYRASIS), Tim Donohue (LYRASIS), and Natalie Baur  (LYRASIS)

Intended Audience: Anyone who uses DSpace at their institution 

Session 2: Upgrading to DSpace 7.4
Wednesday, Nov 16 at 15:00UTC-16:30UTC (10:00am EST-11:30am EST) 

Planning an upgrade to DSpace 7 in the future? This workshop will guide you through the upgrade process, providing hints to help simplify your upgrade. We will provide tips for updating older DSpace configurations for DSpace 7. Presenters: Tim Donohue (LYRASIS) and Corrado Lombardi (4Science) 

Intended Audience: Anyone who is planning an upgrade

Session 3: Developing on DSpace 7.4
Thursday, Nov 17 at 15:00UTC-16:30UTC (10:00am EST-11:30am EST) 

As you plan your upgrade, or after your upgrade, you may need some tips on customizing DSpace 7 to better meet your needs. This workshop will train you in basic User Interface customization, to allow you more control over your branding. We will also provide tips on using the REST API to access your data in DSpace. Presenters: Art Lowel (Atmire) and Andrea Bollini (4Science)

Intended Audience: Anyone who wants to do development on DSpace