The DSpace Community held 3 webinars this week Using DSpace 7.4, Upgrading to DSpace 7.4, and Developing on DSpace 7.4. We had 3000+ registrations and over 1400 DSpace members and users attended the live sessions. In case you were unable to join us or interested in reviewing each session, the recordings, slides, and Q&A documents, are now available. The Q&A document will be live until November 25 to add questions, and we will do our best to answer any questions that come in during and after the workshops have run.

These webinars are possible because of community contributions. To participate more with DSpace, please consider membership and/ or contributing to the DSpace Development Fund and SCOSS. Thank you for being a part of these webinars.

More DSpace webinars and videos can also be found on the wiki.

Session 1: Using DSpace 7.4. Presentations by Melissa Anez, Tim Donohue, Natalie Baur (Lyrasis)

Session 2: Upgrading to DSpace 7.4. Presentations by Tim Donohue (Lyrasis) and Corrado Lombardi (4Science).

Session 3: Developing on DSpace 7.4. Presentations by Art Lowel (Atmire) and Andrea Bollini (4Science).