Since the launch of the DSpace Development Fund in March 2022, members of the worldwide DSpace community have contributed $75,000 to continue funded development for DSpace. (This is incredible and we appreciate it!)

These generous contributions have directly supported software development of key features of DSpace 7 prioritized by the DSpace community.

As we look toward planned releases in 2023, we need the DSpace Community‚Äôs help to bring DSpace 7 over the finish line.  Additional  funds contributed to the DSpace Development Fund in the coming months will fuel development at our current pace and help DSpace 7 achieve feature parity with version 6 in the coming year. Our goal is to raise $175,000 to do that.

You and your organization can help by adding your contribution to the DSpace Development Fund.

  • Does your organization have a fiscal year ending December 31 and have money left in the budget?  Please consider using those funds to fuel DSpace development!

  • Is your organization not yet a contributing member of DSpace. Please join us!

  • Would your organization like to contribute to DSpace development in some other way? Contact us to discuss some options.

If you would like to know more and/or contribute to the DSpace Development Fund, please contact us at  You can also visit the DSpace wiki for more information about the DSpace Development Fund and see a list of institutions that have already contributed.

DSpace continues to grow and evolve to sustain open repositories because of generous contributions of time and resources by the global DSpace community. Thank you for your continued support.

Maureen Walsh
Chair, DSpace Leadership and Steering Groups on behalf of DSpace Governance