Introducing the new DSpace logo.

DSpace has a new look! With the help of 99designs, DuraSpace, and designers from around the world, more than 100 logo designs were contributed to help the DSpace community chose a new logo for the popular open source repository software in use by more than 2300 institutions worldwide. The DSpace community was invited to vote and comment on the top designs in a poll. The winner is a  bright green “D” with a stylized “connector” icon. The concept was designed by Yadhie Coy who resides in Central Java, Indonesia.

The new brand aims to give DSpace an updated look and feel with a modernized logo as community work on the new DSpace 7 with an Angular user interface continues. The new logo will become part of a redesigned DSpace web site later in 2017, and will also be featured on promotional items. If you are attending Open Repositories 2017 in Brisbane, Australia next week be sure and pick up a new DSpace logo sticker.

Download the new logo

A web page on features guidelines for use of the new logo. Downloads in several sizes and formats are available here. Please feel free to get in touch if there is a size or format that you would like to have that is not available on the web page.

Catch up with DSpace at OR2017

Updates on the DSpace 7 UI work-in-progress will be part of OR2017 presentations in the DSpace Interest Group track. The OR2017 program is available here. On June 27 a half-day workshop, “Getting started with Angular UI development for DSpaces,” will be offered by Tim Donohue, DuraSpace, and Art Lowel, Atmire. This hands-on developers workshop will provide attendees with an overview of the Angular framework and related tools and modules. A review of the DSpace 7 UI codebase, its current status and next steps and how to join the DSpace 7 effort will also be part of the workshop. 



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