From Bram Luyten, Atmire  As the most widely adopted repository platform, supported by a vast international community, DSpace is an open source marvel. However, using it to build and operate a world class repository service has not been a trivial task for many institutions.

It has frustrated the Atmire team that countless institutions could just not dedicate the necessary in-house or outsourced resources, and were putting their repository ambitions on ice. Being able to run a world class repository was seen by some as a privilege that only wealthy institutions could afford. This era is now coming to an end.

Thanks to the revamped Open Repository platform, Atmire is now finally able to provide a hosted and enhanced DSpace repository service at affordable rates. The time has come to say goodbye to your technical worries and hello to an improved user experience for your end users and admins.

Read more about the enhanced Open Repository functionality at  

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