DSpace-CRIS is an open-source extension of DSpace, built on top of the JSPUI, originated in 2009 from a collaboration with the University of Hong Kong. Characteristic of DSpace-CRIS is a flexible and extensible data model, which allows the creation and management of any kind of entities (such as researchers, organizations, projects, etc.) and the relations among those entities.

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, June 15th at 11:30am EDT (UTC -4) to learn more about DSpace-CRIS.

Susanna Mornati, COO of 4Science, will introduce DSpace-CRIS, its main functionalities and its added value for institutions, including the integration with ORCiD and the new add-on modules for viewing images and documents, video/audio streaming and data management.

Andrea Bollini, CTIO of 4Science, will present the open source technologies and the international standards adopted for DSpace-CRIS (e.g.: IIIF and CKAN), the interoperability with external systems and the new enhancements that came with the latest releases.

Time will be reserved in this one-hour webinar for questions from the audience.  The webinar will be recorded and made available at https://duraspace.org/duraspace-solutions after the event.

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