Contributors to the DSpace Development Fund

May 24, 2022By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, Fundraising, News No Comments

DSpace is excited to share that since we launched the DSpace Development Fund, members of the worldwide DSpace community have contributed to supporting continued funded development for DSpace, the software of choice for academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations building open digital repositories. These contributions directly support software development of key features prioritized by the DSpace … Read More

Statement by DSpace Governance

April 29, 2022By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, News No Comments

As the formal governing body of DSpace, the DSpace Steering Group and the DSpace Leadership Group express their support and solidarity with Ukraine and its people. We condemn Russia‚Äôs attack on Ukraine and are deeply concerned for everyone affected including our colleagues in Ukraine and Russia. We stand in solidarity with members of the DSpace … Read More

Introducing the DSpace Development Fund (DDF)

April 4, 2022By Jennifer BielewskiDSpace, Fundraising, News

DSpace is pleased to announce the launch of the DSpace Development Fund (DDF)! Two years ago, DSpace started a successful fundraising campaign to accelerate development for version 7.0, a major milestone in the history of DSpace.  Largely through generous contributions from member institutions, we were able to invest more than $300,000 in targeted development to … Read More