Participate: ORCID in Repositories Task Force

June 14, 2018By InfoDSpace, Uncategorized

Background and group scope Over the past several years, new ORCID features and increased community uptake have introduced opportunities for ORCID to serve as open infrastructure for automating aspects of repository workflow. While some repositories have developed sophisticated infrastructure that leverages ORCID to automate workflow, support for ORCID is available out of the box in … Read More

DSpace 7 Updates from OR2018, Including a Recorded DSpace 7 Demo

June 13, 2018By InfoDSpace, Uncategorized

From Tim Donohue, Technical Lead for DSpace and DSpaceDirect In case you were not able to join us last week at the Open Repositories Conference ( in Bozeman, Montana, or just want to review conference materials, we’ve collected information from all the major DSpace presentations and workshops below. (Please note, there were many other presentations … Read More

Revitalizing DSpace at Duke

May 30, 2018By InfoDSpace, Uncategorized

From Sean Aery, Digital Projects Developer, Duke University Near the tail end of 2017, the Duke Libraries committed to a major multi-version upgradefor DukeSpace (powered by the open-source repository platform DSpace), and assembled an Avengers-like team to combine its members’ complementary powers to conquer it together.  The team persisted through several setbacks and ultimately prevailed in its mission. The … Read More

KnowledgeArc Welcomes

May 29, 2018By InfoDSpace, Uncategorized

From Michael Guthrie, KnowledgeArc KnowledgeArc welcomes new NHS Trusts archives to the managed hosting platform We are pleased to welcome Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust to the KnowledgeArc managed DSpace and Docman hosting. Along with Derbyshire Trusts and Nottinghamshire Trust this brings the number of NHS trusts with … Read More

Important updates to DuraSpace’s privacy policy

May 24, 2018By InfoDSpace, Uncategorized, VIVO

GDPR is coming! At DuraSpace we have always cared about protecting your privacy. In order to meet the new General Data Protection Regulation that goes into effect Friday May 25, 2018, we have made a few changes to our Privacy Policy. Our primary objective in meeting these requirements is service to our community. Our approach … Read More

SCHEDULE Available: One-day DuraSpace and euroCRIS DuraSpace-euroCRIS Interoperability Event

May 9, 2018By InfoDSpace, Uncategorized

The schedule for the DuraSpace-euroCRIS Interoperability Event focused on interoperability between DSpace repository and CRIS systems on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 (in advance of the CRIS 2018 Conference in Umeå, Sweden) is now available: The CRIS 2018 Conference offers both DuraSpace and euroCRIS the right opportunity to bring the two communities together. This first … Read More